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Typical Flat Roof Issues

Flat roofs can be an inexpensive or appropriate solution to some roofing needs and as a choice this is typically governed by planning and budgetary restrictions but it must be said that all roofs will need maintenance at some point in their lifecycle and it could be argued that flat roofs often need more maintenance than a slate roof for example. Flat roof issues are usually caused by excessive water or heat. Static water on your roof can cause problems with sagging and leaks which if not dealt with can cause extensive damage.  Some of the more common problems that occur as a result of having a flat roof are listed below:

  • Ponding: Static water on a flat roof is caused by its shape. Prolonged static water can cause damage as can a constant wet/dry hot/cold cycle. Unless the roof is 100% non-porous, water will find a way of permeating it.
  • Watermarking: Look out for watermarks on the inside of your flat roof. If water comes through the roof, it will often leave patches of colour in your home. 
  • Vegetation: Static water build up coupled with deposits of dust and other small particle deposits can lead to moss or other greenery sprouting on your roof Untackeld, this can lead to rooting which can cause further roof damage.
  • Cracking: Constant variations in temperature will subject even the strongest parts of your flat roof to movement which can cause the surfect to crack when drying out.
  • Blistering: Hot temperatures can cause felt roofs to bubble. Subsequent cooling and cracking can give way to water ingress.
  • Punctures: Nails and screws holding your roof down create tiny gaps that water can penetrate. There are few gaps,  however tiny, that due to its molecular structure, water cannot penetrate
  • Condensation: This can be a big issue with flat roofs  but thankfully we have a thorough understanding of how this works, and we know how to repair your roof in a way that will prevent it from happening as easily again.  


Flat roof materials are more affordable but with that comes a bigger maintenance burden because the materials used in the past were more subject to deterioration. Regular maintenance can help solve problems before they escalate into more serious issues and a timely call coupled with a fast response can prevent further damage from occurring. Our expert experts team can help you with any issue you may face.
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